Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Gwondanaland

saving gwondanaland
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I started developing my Cretaceous garden back in 1998. I am a geologist and had moved my office back to my home. The renovations to put the office at the front door left a long mud strip between the garage and house in which remained three sad looking tree ferns. I decided what better garden for a geologist than one based on 100 million year old plants! The garden has slowly developed, with a combination of neglect and occasional enthusiasm. it now looks what I imagine is pretty authentic

Finally, a word of warning about this blog, which really began yesterday, it will have entries going both forward and back in time, in no particular order. I will just be documenting bits from time to timae as they become relevant, some will be historic and some current. I will also try to maintain links betwen revelant items and will will maintain labels as best I can. So if any of this interest you, you are welcome to find your own pathway through the blog.

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