Monday, January 15, 2007

Deep Watering : Method #3

Another good way to water deep and save water is to use a dripper system, and these are allowed under level 3 water restrictions. The best ones are pressurized and have the special dripper buried deep in the soil (20-30cm). They really require professional installation, and are therefore expensive. Right now in Melbourne there is also apparently a long waiting queue to get then installed.

The question I am interested in for now is is there a simple alternative (that works at low/normal pressure). Better still is there a way that I can just replace th heads on my existing "black pipe" sprinkler system. Sounds like a good excuse to visit Bunnings (a big hardware, home improvement and just about everything chain). Well the good news is there are several ways to do this, the bad news (for me) was most where sold out, only the most expensive fittings were left. So I ended up getting buying from the pope range rather than the nylex gardena range (which my system was mainly built from). I also got some repair plugs to temporarily seal some of the riser locations (I didn't want to remove them). Using the variable tricklers (pope Veri-Flow) has has the advantage that I can adjust the flow if individual. Now all I have to do is wait till my watering night, when I can test it out.

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