Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Measurements begin

As a first pass investigation I thought I should monitor how much humidity my little garden would maintain after a watering the previous night. I have a cheap desktop "weather station" (the clock battry ran out ages ago but the temperature and humidty dial still work) and placed in a shady spot. Then I just recorded the humidity every hour (yes I did sleep in! and miss the 9 am reading, but it is summer!)

I was somewhat surprised, it looks like my garden was not going to be able to maintain its humidity levels, as a natural way to fight of the heat.

10:00 AM 60%
11:00 AM 55%
12:00 NOON 40%
1:00 PM 33%
2:00 PM 27%
3:00 PM 23%
4:00 PM 20%

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