Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It seemed like a good idea at the time

My first thoughts of water saving, where of using grey water. We have a front loading machine that is supposedly water efficient, but how much does it use? It was easy to just take the outflow pipe and put it in the laundry sink and I now know a standard wash uses about 20 liters of water (which is very soapy) plus approximately another 15 litres of rise water (less soapy but still cloudy). The sink only hold around 30 litres. Still I did get a move on and bucketed out the water and avoided a serious flooding (more on that below)

The level of soap suds surprised me (we use the special front loader detergent). So instead of putting it on the garden I decided to test some on the lawn.
(PS: The lawn loved it and combined with the Christmas rains has greened considerably).

Even though I was careful I did manage to walk and splash water all through the house, so I am banned from using the bucket by bucket approach to grey water recover from now on.

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