Friday, January 12, 2007

BL**D!3 B@MB**

Photo By Ainsley Thompson
This area is to be an extension into the late creataceous, mainly palms, and also where I plan to put a rainwater tank. I needed to clear the area for the constrution of a new fence. Previously the area was a bamboo grove (I'm not the one that planted it there but it looked ok so I had left it). I had cut all the stems out in early december, and got a lot of usefull garden stakes. Now all I have to do is dig out the roots! I did some just before christmas but to be honest it has been very hot since and the cricket has been good. I did notice one or two shoots on boxing day but i am surprise at just how quickly they have shot up. (over 2 meters in 17 days)

Now the problem is getting more immediate how do I R3M*V3 TH3 BL**D!3 ST%F5

A little search for "removing bamboo from garden" in google shows a lot of discussion with varying opinions. Many suggesting it is a urban myth that bamboo is so invasive it is impossible to remove. Others maintain the real solution is not planting bamboo at all. Always the optimist I am going to test the theory that you only have to remove the thick roots (the rhizomes). So I'll keep you posted.

"Lot of gardeners have unknowingly planted running bamboos, only to have it take over their entire landscape, and I'm one of those people," master gardener Paul James admits

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