Thursday, April 05, 2007

saving a tree fern

The tree ferns of melbourne are having a hard time, even my own ones. They seem to have been dropping their outer fronds, dry and brown at a great rate. I suspect it is just a sign of drought stress, a lot consider that they are dying. Anyway to cut a long story short I have me offered a couple if i think I can save them.

Well I may as well have a go, my first patient is a very thin fern and I can not figure out exactly which species it is, my best guess is Dicksonia fibrosa. So rather that just do the old saw it off and stick it back in the ground, whichwork well enough for Dicksonia antarctica, I decided to get a significant part of the root mat, which were only growing across the surface.

I also trimmed off all the fronds other that the new sprouts. With a little close supervision to make sure the roots don't dry out I expect it will thrive in my little bit of gwondanaland.

The final problem remains where to plant it?

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