Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am not normally a fan of conspiracy theories

Looking at the published levels of stored waters in our dams in Melbourne is a little depressing, it is only just at 30% of capacity at a time when there have been some decent rain events (I have rain gauges and tanks), so is there a conspiracy are we being told the truth?


I started looking to find an independent way to verify this (ie not just looking at one source of data). If you look at the Melbourne Water website they have a graph that shows the inflows into the dams over 2007 are roughly at the average for the last 10 years but that they were only half this in 2006. varannI then look at the Bureau of Meteorology statistics (see graph below), it is clear that rainfall is below average (between half and three quarters of this part of Australia. So superficially thing check out.

However at a more detailed level things don't seem to match up. We should have had lower levels in the dams last year, but it seems a lot of water was "taken" from the Thompson scheme. Then A lot of water was lost in some flooding in Gippsland ...etc ... etc the plot thickens, but not quite to a conspiracy level but I do think this has the hallmark of politicians with their hands on what history is being recorded (sorry disclosed).

But where & how to build an independent view?

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